Fit for you, queen!

The Concept

Hair care is NOT easy.
Qweeni Cap shower caps are made to fit the mold of modern day women and their busy schedules. Most of which, don't have time for a full wash, dry, style and upkeep their hair!

So there had to be a middle ground between no washing and full weekly washes.
Designed with an unique opening, this revolutionary cap lets you pull out the roots or ends that need washing while keeping the rest of your hair completely dry.

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This cap is designed for convenience.
The snappable opening and the partition inside the cap lets you decide which portions are ready for a wash. The mane, ponytails, or the pig tails, you decide what to wash. NO longer is it all or none. Instead of a tiring, lengthy wash or yet another spray of dry shampoo, this partial washing means you only have to focus on drying and styling a fraction of your hair.

The possibilities are endless.

The Qweeni Cap restores the time, control, and confidence in all of our customers.




This product eliminates the need to wash your hair multiple days of the week, saves hours spent
drying and styling, and keeps career professionals going.

Fit for all Occasions

Busy moms and professionals alike don't have to be concerned with looking clean and fresh on a
time-crunch. Simply put the cap on, wash, style, and go!

No More Dry Shampoo!

Just wash the hair that is dirty/oily down to the roots or just the tips. Your choice! Perfect for those in between days of full wash and no wash!

The Materials

The cap is built using a modern, high-tech, woven waterproof BPA/BVPA free fabric. It’s also very quick drying and able to wick moisture away from the hair quickly and efficiently. It is machine washable and resistant to mold/mildew build up.

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