Now a days with dry shampoo it’s super convenient to spray and go however, after a day or 2 your hair starts to feel dry and dirty from the residue left from the product. The back of my hair doesn’t get oily but the top and sides sometimes do. Instead of washing my entire head I simply use this cap to get to the oily portions of my hair and my problems are solved. This cap is simply the best for me and convenient especially trying to get ready fast with having a toddler at home. I suggest trying out this cap if you haven’t yet, don’t miss out!!! Plus my hair is healthier now that I don’t have to wash it every other day (except for the areas I wash with the cap)!
Author: Jayme

"As a single mom with a very demanding job, I struggled with managing the time with styling my oily scalp in between washes and blowouts. I then discovered the Qweeni Cap and it was a true life saver!!  It was no different than investing in a good brush or high-end heat tools, the Qweeni cap is a truly functional cap that made the difference between a perfectly preserved style and a rush to the blow-dry bar on day three. That’s money and time saved for me. I love my Qweeni Cap!"
Author: Maggie
"No more wet scalp!  My bangs naturally get dirty much faster than the rest of my hair, but washing the entirety of my hair is extremely time-consuming.  Instead trying to move my bangs outside of a regular shower cap, getting my scalp wet too, I can wash my bangs in 30 seconds.  The Qweeni cap is perfect for the person who wants to be clean and stylish quickly!"
Author:  Isabella
"Shower caps are a necessity but Qweeni Cap is a MUST HAVE! I have good/bad bang days. On bad days, my bangs are unruly or greasy but washing my hair is not an option due to time constraints. Not a fan of dry shampoo as it reminds me of the spray-on hair color you use when you want to dress like a zombie for Halloween, leaving my hair looking extremely flaky and stiff to the touch. I needed a better option so I found Qweeni Cap! Now I can wash my bangs without having to over-wash the rest of my hair. Saves me so much time and I now have bangs that is always soft to the touch. With Qweeni cap, I can be more versatile with my hair styles. During the day, I like to have to have the side-bang look while wearing my reading glasses at work but, at night, I want fringe bangs when I am not wearing glasses. To make this work, I would have had to wash my hair twice a day. I can now achieve these looks everyday at a fraction of time it would have taken to wash my entire hair because now I can just wash my bangs. Love this cap and loving my bangs!"
Author:  Ruby
This is genius. When I first heard about it I couldn't imagine a need but decided to sign up for the evaluation. The cap has saved me so much time in the mornings since having to return to the office. I can't stand sleeping with my hair down and putting it up always seems to leave at least one wonky section. Having the ability to restyle just that wonky chunk means I can go longer between wash days and still look professional (i.e. less ponytails).
Author: Julie
"I wash my hair OR cover it with a shower cap. I don't use the slits, even though it's a very clever idea.  Love the coverage of the cap, name and logo!! The scrunchies are very nifty to pull my hair up and easily put it in the cap.
QWEENI CAP is my go to shower cap, so glad I was introduced to it! Congrats on the PATENT!
Author:  Carmen


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