This one of a kind shower cap has two snaps that cover an adjustable opening allowing the user to pull through as much hair they care to wash.
You are able to wash and rinse down to the roots to deep clean the dirty portion of the hair. Simply remove the cap when out the shower and style in the wet portion of hair and you’re ready to go!

Feel clean like a Queen with Qweeni Cap!

This revolutionary new shower cap lets you pull out the roots, ends, or extensions that need washing, while keeping the rest of your hair completely dry. Unlike all the rest of the shower caps on the market today, the Qweeni Cap is designed with an adjustable opening and a partition inside the cap.

The world's first shower cap with a customized flap designed to allow you to wash only the section of hair you want to wash while keeping the rest dry.

The snappable opening lets you decide which portions of your hair are ready for a wash. If no hair wash is desired, keep the flap snapped closed and it will function as a normal everyday shower cap


Hair care is NOT easy.


No more dry shampoo!

Fit for all Occasions

qweeni cap

The way to save time and effort in the shower!

This cap keeps busy women on-the-go by washing the hair you want and keeping the rest dry.


Save time with partial washing

Qweeni Cap shower caps are made to fit the busy lifestyle of modern day women. Instead of a tiring lengthy wash and dry of all your hair, or yet another spray of dry shampoo to conceal a greasy or dirty portion of hair, this spot washing concept means you only have to focus on drying and styling a fraction of your hair saving you product, frustration, and most importantly time in your daily hair care routine!

What makes this product unique and innovative?

This is the only shower cap to allow you to spot wash ones hair. This cap was born out of the need to not use dry shampoo to cover up oily hair and keep one from having to wash part of their hair in the sink or use trash bags to cover only part of the hair in the shower to attempt a partial hair wash. Why wash all of your hair when only a small part is dirty or use dry shampoo that leaves your hair sticky or white looking. The Qweeni Cap is designed to save you time, effort, and product in your daily hair routine. Wash your mane, crown, or turn the cap around backwards and wash hair extensions and keep the rest completely dry. We are a startup manufacture that identified a natural, easy, and organic way to clean part of your hair without the need for dry shampoo and solved it with the Qweeni Cap. This product is covered by three U.S. issued utility patents.