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Qweeni Brush

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The Qweeni Brush: The Ultimate Detangling Solution for All Hair Types!

Effortlessly Glide Through Knots and Tangles

Introducing the Qweeni Brush, designed with innovation and care to make your hair smooth and manageable. Say goodbye to painful brushing and hello to a new, effortless hair care experience.

Why Choose the Qweeni Brush?

  • Pain-Free Brushing: No more painful tugging and pulling. The Qweeni Brush gently detangles hair without causing breakage or damage.

  • Versatile for All Hair Textures: Perfect for curly, straight, wavy, and everything in between. Whether your hair is wet or dry, the Qweeni Brush handles it all.

  • Family-Friendly: Ideal for both children and adults, making hair care a breeze for the whole family.

Key Features

  • Innovative Design: Crafted to effortlessly glide through knots and tangles, leaving your hair smooth and manageable.

  • Durable and Gentle: Made with high-quality materials that are gentle on your hair yet durable for everyday use.

Experience the Magic

Transform your hair care routine with the Qweeni Brush and enjoy pain-free, easy detangling every day. Perfect for all hair types and ages, it's the ultimate solution for manageable, beautiful hair.

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Care Instructions

This is the only cap with a hair flap! Wash just the portion of hair you want and keep the rest completely dry🪮

Building Trust


Dry shampoo is convenient, but it leaves residue. This cap targets oily areas, solving my problems without washing my entire head. It's perfect for busy moms and keeps my hair healthier.

Jayme  verified purchaser



As a single mom with a demanding job, the Qweeni Cap is a lifesaver! It preserves my style and saves time and money. It’s as essential as a good brush or heat tool. 

Maggie  verified purchaser



My bangs get dirty faster, and washing all my hair is time-consuming. The Qweeni Cap lets me wash my bangs in 30 seconds, keeping me clean and stylish quickly.

Isabella  verified purchaser